Travel Baby Bed


Bring the Snug Travel Baby Bed on your next trip and travel anywhere stress-free. This portable nanny bag doubles as a baby bed, making it easy to care for your child without slowing down when you're out and about and on-the-go.

Bag folds out into bed

This travel nanny bag works just as well as a baby bed, so you can easily care for your infant while you're travelling. Simply unzip the bag and fold out the bed for all the space you need. Unfolded, the bed measures 92cm in length and 33cm wide.

Lightweight, transportable, easy to clean This portable baby bed weighs only 3lbs, making it a light addition to your luggage. Easily transportable in its folded format, it carries just like any other shoulder bag. What's more, the fabric and material is incredibly easy to clean.Carry it hands-free! The Snug nanny bag features a shoulder strap, and slings over your shoulder with ease as you keep your hands free. Enjoy the ability to do everything you normally would, while carrying this bag that's packed with utility. Yet you'll hardly even notice it's there!Soft, safe, and comfortable

The soft, high quality materials used in the construction of this travel baby bed guarantee your child remains safe, secure, and comfortable at all times. You want only the best for your baby, especially when they're being changed. Don't hesitate to provide them with a roomy, comfortable space while you attend to all of his or her needs.